18 Aug, 2008

Some great trip savings ideas

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Trip savings can be substantial

Plan ahead: Launch your trip planning investigations well in advance to find the best deals in hotels, car rentals and dreamy tourism packages. Contact your favorites to see if there are times when crowds are at a minimum. That’s when good deals are offered.

Go in groups: A wide variety of destinations such as tropical resorts, dude ranches and ski lodges offer discounts for groups. Don’t assume that a group is composed of lots and lots of people. Sometimes, a gathering of just a few friends or a medium sized family counts as a group. Ask about group rates.

Find the food: Online maps of towns where tourists are common usually highlight local restaurants, fast food joints and economical family owned eateries. Take notice of what sources for food are located nearby and take your business there. Eat out during hours when early bird specials are offered.

Keep a journal: Purchase a blank notebook with pockets inside the cover. Keep notes about places with good service and friendly personnel. Place all receipts and toll tickets in the pockets. The practice makes it easy to compare prices and patronize economical establishments.

Battery up: Don’t strike out on the road to an unknown destination without a high quality flashlight and ample batteries. Midnight is not the time to be forced into getting out of the car and squinting at street signs or addresses. A flashlight and a map make a beautiful combo, too.

Meet the neighbors: Consider making a call well ahead of time to the city halls or community centers of towns you plan to visit. Casual conversation with the person answering the phone can result in valuable information to be used after your arrival. Trip savings abound when you get your tourist information directly from a resident.

Undress yourself: Save on gasoline by keeping the load light when driving in a car, truck or motor home. Refrain from taking all your best china, clothing, your favorite set of weights and every pair of boots you own. Toting a dozen suitcases and lots of heavy boxes is a sure way to arrive tired, crabby and running on fumes.

Take the prescriptions: Keep medicines handy. Save money on prescriptions by making sure you do not need to purchase costly duplicates of pills, creams or other drugs while away from home. Bring a copy of all your prescriptions. In case of loss or theft, your refills can be obtained almost anywhere without aggravation.

Say cheese: Trip savings can be increased if photos are taken with a disposable camera. Prints are just a few cents each, especially when processed at the store from which the camera was purchased. The use of a disposable also negates any chance that your high-tech equipment at home will be damaged or lost.

Pack your friends: Save money on phone calls. Before you leave home, make out address labels for all your friends who will be receiving postcards from you. It’s a time saver and makes it unnecessary to contact them with questions about house numbers or Zip codes. The stamps can be bought ahead of time, too.

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