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03 Dec, 2008

How to Save on Gas

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It doesn’t take brains to save money on gas.

You say your hair got wet? Your groceries got soaked? A wild dog ran away with your shoe? Is that what’s troubling you? There are plenty of problems to go around, but many are avoidable. And some of the easiest solutions are cures that will get [...]

28 Oct, 2008

Making a travel itinerary

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When it comes to planning a vacation, many people think they need to go to a travel agent to make their itinerary. This can be one option, but making a travel itinerary isn’t so difficult that you can’t do it yourself. Using online research and booking tools, you can usually find the best deals yourself, [...]

18 Aug, 2008

Some great trip savings ideas

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Trip savings can be substantial
Plan ahead: Launch your trip planning investigations well in advance to find the best deals in hotels, car rentals and dreamy tourism packages. Contact your favorites to see if there are times when crowds are at a minimum. That’s when good deals are offered.


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